Rules of Training

General Rules:

  • Under the guidelines as set out by Athletics Association of Ireland, only children aged 7 or older on the 1st of January can be registered with the club, and are therefore covered by insurance. 
  • There will be a fee for every training session, payable at time of registration or at a time nominated by the committee.
  • Children should be collected promptly at the end of training, and a reasonable standard of behaviour is expected of all members while attending training and competitions.
  • Horseplay is not allowed at any time during training sessions. If the behaviour of any child is inappropriate or causing an issue, a parent will be contacted immediately. Parents may be asked to stay for the duration of the training.
  • Hydration is important so please ensure that your child brings water to training – NO fruit juices or fizzy drinks are permitted.  All water bottles should be clearly labelled.
  • All members are expected to represent the club at the various athletic competitions.
  • Please talk to any of the coaches if you have any other questions.
  • We would like to remind parents that the coaches are all volunteers, and if you would like to become involved please talk to any of the coaches.