Training Times

Details for September 2022 into 2023.

Training is resuming for all juvenile age groups so we would just like to make you all aware of some changes to the existing schedule:

Cross Country season is fast approaching, and so we will be concentrating on this with the Juvenile groups. We are encouraging as many juveniles as possible to make the effort to do the Cross Country this year. 

So, to get us going – XCountry Training for ALL age groups will take place on Mondays at 6-7 – meeting at the track, but we will go across to the Demesne to train.   This includes any  U9, U10 and U11 that would previously have been training only on Thursdays  – they are welcome to come to XCountry training on Mondays and also to the usual track session on Thursdays also.

XCross Country training will remain until the County Championships are over, and only those going to Munster Championships will continue to train on the grass. 

For competition athletes in the winter months our focus in training sessions will be on general pre-season preparation for Track & Field Athletes building towards the indoor season , along with the specific Cross Country preparation for our long distance crew as the Cross Country season moves through winter to spring. In the Spring & Summer months we will add some technical sessions for specific events into the outdoor Track & Field sessions as the season evolves.
The younger age groups the focus is on having fun while gradually learning all the movement skills for all the athletics events , while also building basic fitness.
Our social running group for adults who do not wish to compete but would like to build fitness and enjoy the benefits of running meet at the track twice per week on Tuesdays & Fridays.

If you have questions, contact Jean our Club secretary on 086 1994378

From MONDAY 5th Sept
6pm to 7Pm
Cross Country Training born 2014 Upwards
From MONDAY 12th Sept
7Pm to 8Pm
S & C for U/15 born 2009 upwards to seniors Sprints/ jumps/ Throws/ & Middle Distance
TUESDAY 6PM to 7PmMasters & Social Running Group
January commencement date to be advised
Tuesday Evenings
Commencing in January 2023
Couch to 5K Programme
Dates to Be advised
WEDNESDAY 6:15pm to 7:30Pm
Technical Session Senior Sprinters, Hurdles & Jumpers ( Selected athletes only dates will be advised)
THURSDAY 6pm to 7pmU9 to U11 ( Born 2014/2013/2012)
THURSDAY 7pm to 7:45PmU/12 to U/14 ( Born 2011/2010)
January commencement date to be advised
Thursday Evenings
Commencing in January 2023
Couch to 5K Programme
FRIDAY 5:30 to 6:30Masters & Social Running Group
FRIDAY 7pm to 8Pm S & C for U/15 born 2009 upwards to Seniors Sprints/ jumps/ Throws/ Middle Distance
Saturday 10:30 to 11:30Senior Distance Group Hill work meet at Knockreer
Dates to be advised
SATURDAY 11:30 to 1Pm
Specialist High Jump & Hurdles ( Selected athletes Only)
Dates to be advised
SUNDAY 11:30 to 1Pm
Technical Session Senior Sprinters & Jumpers ( Selected athletes Only)